About Us
Flinch is a self published magazine, made by creatives, for creatives. It's a collaborative effort between artists, poets, critics, designers, editors and designers. We hope to document the artistic triumphs and defeats of the modern creative- especially during the rollercoaster that has been the past year. 
Flinch gives back to those who contribute, with profits being split fairly between all contributors and editors. We hope to create a community feel, with all contributors working together to better ourselves. It was founded by Matthew Haydon-Reason, and is released bimonthly. We take submissions for each issue, so if you are interested in contributing, please contact us via the contact page.
Meet The Team
Matt Haydon-Reason
Founder and Creative Director
Matt Haydon-Reason, also known as Mattress, is a drag queen, an evil genius and an all round audacious icon. He is the Miranda Priestly of the Leeds queer community and in his spare time enjoys ballroom and latin dancing, the occasional summer romance and pissing Molly off to the best of his ability.
Molly Parker
Molly Parker is a writer, dancer and all round legend. She loves a good malibu and coke and is your friendly local northern redhead. In her spare time she enjoys annoying her cat and horse riding, and is the only thing keeping Matt in check.
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